Beginners: Health and Doctors. Salud y Médicos.

Do you want to be able to explain in Spanish to the doctor what hurts you? Do you want to be able to make appointments in Spanish? 

In this post we would like to give you the next present: a very practical lesson to communicate with the doctor, explain how you feel, how to make an appointment with the doctor and also explain how the Health System in Spain work. This is a lesson which belongs to our Moving to Spain Course.  This lesson is for Beginners students who already have basic Spanish knowledge. 

Present: Lesson PDF with solutions – Audios – 45 minutes lesson for free

Here you can download the lesson´s pdf. When you subscribe I will send you the audios. Once you have checked the lesson and listened to the audios, we will arrange a free 45 minutes lesson to teach you for free!

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