Beginners A1

There are three Beginners levels and conversation. We have two methods, the FAST tempo and CONVERSATION tempo. In the FAST tempo each level is 10 lessons. In the CONVERSATION tempo each level is 20 lessons. In the conversation tempo there is lots of extra time to put into practice everything that you learned.

Daily courses on demand. We use Caminos Nieuw 1 and Aula Internacional 1, these books are not included in the course price.

Beginners 1 (A1.1)

New 10 weeks course:

Dates:  Wednesday 4th Sep, 11th Sep, 18th Sep, 25th Sep, 2nd Oct, 9th Oct, 16th Oct, 23rd Oct, 30th Oct and 6th Nov

Time: 20:30 – 21:50 hrs 

Courses begin each month.  

Beginners 2 (A1.2)

New 10 weeks course:

Dates: Thrusday 5th Sep, 12 Sep, 19th Sep, 26th Sep,3rd Oct, 17th Oct, 24th Oct, 31st Oct and 7th Nov

Time: 20:00 – 21:20 hrs 

Courses begin each month 


  • Giving and requesting personal information
    Introduce yourself and others
  • Explain why you want to do something
  • Talk about professions
  • Talk about what you do
  • Discovering places
  • Talk about cities, villages, asking and giving directions
  • ​Talking about your family
  • ​Talking and asking about likes and dislikes


  • Phonetic alphabet, letters, vowels, consonants and intonation. 
  • Nouns and adjectives gender
  • Three conjugations -ar, -er and -ir in present
  • Verbs ser, llamarse, tener, estar
  • Personal pronouns
  • ¨Hay¨ uses 
    verbo gustar
  • Reflexive verbs
    numbers under 100
    ir a + infinitivo
  • ​Prepositions and adverbs of place (cerca, al lado, en, etc.)

Beginners 3 (A1.3)

Every month begin a new course

At this moment we do not have this course planned. With enough interest this can change! Let us know


  • Eating out in bars and restaurants
  • Ordering food and complaining about food
  • Speaking about different culinary habits 
  • Describing districts, towns and villages
  • Discussing what you like about a place
  • Asking for and providing information about places
  • Speaking about people’s skills and talents
  • Talking about past habits and customs
  • Talking about past experiences


  • Pretérito perfecto (Present perfect)
  • Present tense regular, irregular verbs and reflexive verbs
  • Indefinido
    pretérito perfecto vs indefinido
  • Poner y traer
  • Yo sí, yo tampoco, yo no, yo también
  • El gerundio
  • Words that indicate the use of pto perfecto or Indefinido


  • Identify objects 
  • Days of the week and the time
  • Expressing needs 
  • Shopping: asking for prices, items etc. 
  • Going to the market
  • Talk about clothes and sizes
  • Asking the prices in the shop and the market
  • Eating out in bars and restaurants
  • Ordering food and complaining about food
  • Talking about physical appearances and character
  • Speaking about habits and frequency.
  • Telling and asking the time
  • Talk about past experiences


  • Verbs: tener que + infinitive, preferir, gustar
  • Numbers over 100
  • Verbs present tense irregulars
  • Possessive pronouns 
  • More reflexive verbs
  • Pretérito Perfecto
  • Verbos reflexivos
  • The OD and OI pronouns

Conversatie A1

Every month begin a new course:

In this course we do not offer new grammar. We practice the subjects we learned in Beginners 1 2 and 3. This course focus is on speaking and increasing the vocabulary. 


  • Hablar sobre tu futuro.
  • Hablar sobre gustos.
  • El hotel.
  • El restaurante.
  • Comprar ropa.
  • Noticias actuales.
  • Datos personales.
  • Hacer la compra en el mercado. 
  • Hacer una reserva en el hotel. 
  • Preguntar y dar direcciones en la ciudad.

​Private Beginners courses: there are three beginners levels and conversation. ​ Each level is 10 lessons of 45 minutes

New 10 weeks course: