Kids lessons

Profesora Desi in action for Leones Class (5 - 7 years old )


I want to take a free trial class please

¡Aprender Ya! ‘s proven Research Driven Methodology is based on the Natural Approach with play-based activities. That means children learn language much like how they got their first one: through the principles of experience, discovery and play. Our courses have a thoroughly developed curriculum including linguistic themes, sensory experiences, games, music, drama, stories and more. Each activity is designed to develop linguistic comprehension and production skills, creating a linguistic ladder. No vocabulary or linguistic form is ever left behind in this method. All language is used in context and builds upon itself. One cannot advance in language without relying on a firm foundation every step of the way. Our classes are packed with immersion culture activities, games, songs and stories that allow students to experience language in a completely comprehensible, fun and engaging way. Second language development using this methodology promotes critical thinking, curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills. Research confirms brain development is enhanced by second language learning in early childhood as by stimulating new neural growth and connections among neurons.

What are the lessons like? 

In the first lesson the child will learn how the lessons works, what is the lesson´s routine, the lessons rules, etc. In a typical lesson we will introduce new vocabulary and grammar with songs, videos, storytelling, games (memory games, hide and seek, traditional board games) etc. We will repeat the vocabulary and grammar each lesson in different formats, to allow the student to learn in an spontaneous way. We work by themes, so every 4 or 5 lessons we change the theme. At the end of each theme, the student will produce a piece of work, like a video, or drawing, read a story to us, create a comic, etc.  

How will my child engage in the lessons?

We tailor the lessons to each child interests, for example if a child is a super Harry Potter fun, we will read chapters of his favourite book, even creating Harry Potter characters in cards, to play memory with them, or work on people´s description etc.  Smaller children might find very interesting to show us their toys, and their art works. This is just an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary. We allow the children to be themselves,  and interact in a familiar and safe environment. For example to work with daily routines, we will ask the children to bring to the class a toothbrush, pyjama, homework, books, bicycle toy, etc, and play a guessing game, answering the question What am I doing now? What are you doing? Etc. 

Our methodology

At ¡Aprender Ya! we believe in children learning in different ways and each child has his own learning rhythm and ways. That is the reason what we have divided our courses in age groups. After the trial class we will send you a detailed course plan based on our assessment and your child’s goals. 

We use a communicative method and total physical response (TPR). This method uses physical movement as a reaction to verbal input. This process reduces student inhibitions, lowers stress and increases motivation and responsiveness. We develop both language skills and creativity.