Leones: 5 - 7 years old:

How will these lessons help my child? 
Your child will learn to speak, think and write in Spanish 

How will we do that?
In the trial lesson we assess your child’s interests and way of learning. We then adapt our curriculums to your child’s interests. For example if your child´s is a Harry Potter super fun. We will work with Harry Potter characters to learn how to describe people’s personality and appearance. That would involve learning verbs like tener, llevar, ser, estar, vocabulary to describe how people are and look. 

We bring to our lessons more that just the language, we teach spanish culture, spanish games, and spanish children literature. 

To give you a very concrete example: in the lesson we would work with Harry Potter visiting a Mage in Spain called Juan Abracadabra. Juan together with Harry will discover Juan´s city: Barcelona. Juan will show Harry who his friends are, where does he go to school etc. In this lesson we would learn the city vocabulary, transport, verb ir, ir a, vacaciones, family relations, verbs in present and past tense etc.  

This way your child is motivated to learn and also he/she learns while working with his/her heroes. What could be more fun?

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What will my child learn?


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